Fall is definitely our favorite season of the year here at Old Time Pottery. We just love the abundance of colors as nature changes and prepares for winter. We also love fall because its the perfect time to integrate these colors into your home! Below we have three easy DIYs that are the perfect way to bring some nature inspired décor with eye popping colors into your home this fall season. Enjoy and happy decorating!

Embellished DIY Accent Pillow

Photo courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens.

One fun and easy way to add a splash of fall to your home is to embellish and accent pillow. It’s the perfect way to add a punch of color to any room. Start with a neutral colored accent pillow. Then create a nature inspired stencil and lay it on the pillow. Then spray the pillow with fabric paint in the color of your choice. Let dry and remove the stencil and presto! Don’t be afraid to get creative on this project, the possibilities are endless!

Autumn Wall Art

Photo courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens.

This idea really captures the best part of fall: the leaves! This is the perfect way to add a nice fall touch to your home. All you need to create this collage is Felt Leaves, Shadow Boxes and Scrapbook paper. Simply cover the back of the box with the paper and then glue the leaves to the paper. Just like that you’ve got a fun fall décor to add to your home! Again, be creative with this project, there are plenty of possibilities with no wrong or right way to do it.

Fall Wreath

Photo courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens.

This one is a more of a traditional fall classic. The fall wreath is a simple way to add some fall flair to the inside or outside of your home. For this craft all you need is a Twig Work Wreath and accents of your choice. In this example silk leaves and miniature Indian corn was used. Once you have your accents simply use hot glue or wire to secure them to the work wreath. Then display for all to see!

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