I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the best at staying organized, but every year I vow to clean up my Christmas decor so my spare room isn’t a huge Christmas mess (I generally just throw everything into a giant tub at the end of the season)! While I was browsing the aisles of my local Old Time Pottery the other day I stumbled upon the storage aisle and it was like fate – I knew I had to pick up some storage items to finally get my act together. For reference, this is what my tub looked like before I started:

I know, it’s a mess. I have lights, wrapping paper, ornaments, and tissue paper all jumped up into a huge pile! And trust me, it is NOT easy to untangle everything at the beginning of the holiday season. If you’re anything like me, I’m here to help! Here are 5 tips to help you clean up after Christmas.

1. Don’t sweat the small stuff.
Clearing out the clutter can be stressful, but you know what – where there’s a will there’s a way! I’ve been putting this project off for YEARS, but once I finally sat down and started doing it I actually found it therapeutic. Just take the first step and before you know it you’ll be done! My first step was to grab all of the wrapping paper and tissue paper and put it in a deep, long tub.

2. Make use of compartments.
I knew as I was picking out my new storage that I needed to have several compartments. I needed a separate drawer/section for ribbon, wrapping paper, ornaments, name tags, etc. so that when I start Christmas planning in 2018 I’d know where everything was. This two level box is perfect for name tags and small gift bags.

3. Take advantage of functional fashion.
Like I said, my spare bedroom closet is where I just end up throwing everything that doesn’t have a place. But I’d also like to have that closet be usable when I have guests visiting. Enter this cute set of drawers I found! I love that it’s soft (which means it can hold breakable ornaments safely) and it has 3 compartments of different sizes for all of my needs. Like decorating a tree, always remember that the heavier, more durable items should be on the bottom – and the delicate ornaments go on the top. And the best part about this is that I can leave it out in the open and clear even more room in my closet!

4. Re-use when possible
Ok, so this one may not work for you – but I personally hate throwing away all of the crumpled up tissue paper and wrapping paper after the kids are done unwrapping. So this year I decided to make use of the extra paper as protection for my glass dishes and plates! This is a perfect solution to store your breakables via recycling! I found this flexible, roomy tote bag that fits the bill perfectly for my needs. It’s going to fit my Christmas themed serving platters, wine glasses, breakable ornaments, etc.

5. Store your storage in storage.
Ahh, the joy of storage. Whereas before I only used one giant tub, now I’ve found myself with 4 pieces of various sizes which somehow end up taking up MORE room. This is why you have to be intentional with picking out your pieces. Remember that wrapping paper tub from the beginning? Lo and behold, the tote and two-tier containers fit snugly inside (with room to spare)!

Written by Sarah Moore

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