Summer means a lot of things such as trips to the pool, vacation, grilling and entertaining. One of the things that almost everyone does at least once a summer is entertain friends and family such as parents, brothers and sisters, in-laws, etc. It’s something we all do and we always want them to come into our home and feel as comfortable as possible. Below we’re going to share a few easy tips to help you be the best hope you can be and really make your guests feel at home.

  1. Keep the Guest Room in Bloom

    Keep fresh flowers in your guest room. It’s a simple yet effective way to a spark of life to any room, especially your guest room. Don’t worry about going overboard on the arrangement either. All you need is a simple bunch of flowers from your local grocery store to put in a clear vase with water. Tulips are usually a safe choice.

  2. Flowers and a personal photos make a guest room feel like home.

  3. Keep it Personal

    Usually the guests who are staying with you are close friends and family. It’s a great idea to add framed pictures of memories that you two have shared. It will add a wonderful personal touch to your room a help your guests feel at home almost instantly.

  4. Stock the Necessities

    People forget things. It’s a simple truth and it’s happened to all of us before. Keep a drawer full of travel size bath essentials, a comb, a basket of extra towels, etc. in your guest room just in case.

  5. Keep tea, coffee, and mugs in your guest room.

  6. Let Them Help Themselves

    Ever been to a hotel and notice how they keep coffee and tea in the rooms for you to make? Do the same for your guests! Provide them with a few mugs, a teapot, a coffee maker and some tea and coffee so they can help themselves to a warm beverage whenever they like.

  7. Snack Time

    A bowl of apples or oranges are a great way to not only add a pop of color to your guest room, but also to provide your guests with a light, healthy snack that won’t ruin their dinner appetite.

  8. Apples are a great way to add a splash of color.
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