Let’s face it, the kitchen is everyone’s favorite room. It’s where everything that’s important to a family happens. That’s why it’s important to keep your kitchen incredibly organized. Below you’ll find 5 easy ways to do just that. Enjoy.

    1. Improve Your Vertical

      Storing things vertically creates more space.

      Unless you’re Oprah, no one has as much storage space as they like in their kitchen, or home for that matter. Sometimes you have to get creative with the space that’s available and one way to maximize every last inch of space is to start storing thing vertically. By going up and down with smaller things, you’ll leave more space for the bigger bulkier items in your kitchen.


    1. Keep Your Friends Close

      Common sense applies here. When you’re organizing your kitchen, think logically and store things by where they are going to be used. There is no point in putting your cleaning supplies in your pantry because it’s not a high usage space. The obvious spot is under the sink so you can easily tackle the biggest of messes without any effort or thought.


    1. Hidden in Plain Sight

      Keep dishes visible adds character.

      It seems counter intuitive doesn’t it? However, sometimes storing things in plain site can add an element of character to your kitchen. Open shelves can provide plenty of storage for your dinnerware and more while also adding some character to you kitchen.


    1. Island Life

      Getting the most our of your island is imperative for getting the most out or your kitchen.

      If you have an island, make use of it and make use of it wisely. Most islands already have storage space installed, but you can make even more use of the space by adding dividers, racks and other simple storage solutions to your island.


  1. Easy Access

    The ultimate catch 22 to being organized is making sure everything is easily accessible. It’s nearly impossible. With that in mind, channel your common sense and keep things that you use the most in easy-to-access places. There is no point in putting your baking pans in an isolated nook in your pantry. It just doesn’t work.

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