Despite the recent cold weather, spring is just around the corner! What better way to get ready for spring than by stocking up on outdoor furniture and decor from Old Time Pottery! With that in mind, we’re here to tell you the 5 best ways to create the perfect outdoor oasis with the help of Old Time Pottery! Let’s get started!

Old Time Pottery can help you outfit your patio for less!
    1. Expand Your Interior

      Your outdoor living space should be an extension of the interior of your home. The best way to do this is to keep design concepts and colors similar to give a connected feel. It’s also a great way to make small spaces feel much bigger than they really are. For example, by keeping the doors open from your kitchen to your outdoor dining area, you can create the feel of an large open floor plan.


    1. Create a Living Room Outdoors

      Creating a living room outdoors is a very simple concept. The idea is to set up your patio as you would a living room to help encourage gathering for conversation and relaxation. Be sure to use plenty of cushions and pillows to help create extra comfort to accommodate everyone. Before you know it, your outdoor space will become the favorite room in your home.


    1. Big Statement, Little Fabric

      Most outdoor furniture is neutral. It’s just a fact. That’s why it’s important to select cushions and pillow with bright colors that pop to help give your outdoor living space some character. You can even change the color of your fabrics with the seasons: Bright greens and yellows for spring and summer, and deep oranges and reds for fall!


    1. Instant Garden

      Gardens, when done right, are amazing! They’re so tranquil and beautiful. Unfortunately most of us do not have the time and resources to maintain a garden. But why not create a miniature instant garden with an arrangement of potted greenery and flowers? It’s a great, cost-effective way to add some greenery to your patio arrangement!


  1. Use It

    The best way to turn your outdoor space into your own personal oasis is to actually use it and use it often! Plan to use it! Any space is only what you make of it so if you do not use your outdoor space, it will not be an oasis to you. Plan to have parties, dinners and more on your outdoor furniture. It will help turn you outdoor living area into the space you’ve always wanted!

In the end, your outdoor space is always going to be what you make of it. But, the 5 steps above can help you get started in created your own personal paradise. Remember, Old Time Pottery has everything you need and more, at great prices, to achieve the look you want for your outdoor space. Happy decorating!

Written by Old Time Pottery
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