Overworked, tired and stressed is no way to go through life. Everyone needs an escape and what better way to escape than by going to the spa! Unfortunately the spa can get expensive very quickly. If only there were a way to get that spa feeling in your own home. Well believe it or not there is. Here are 5 simple, budget friendly ways to transform your bathroom into your personal luxury spa paradise.

  1. Ambiance Is Everything

    The easiest way to create a spa vibe in your bathroom is through ambiance. That means dimming the lights, lighting some candles, music playing in the background and so on. It’s where everyone should start when looking to escape reality for a little while.
  2. Indulge Your Vanity

    Vanity mirrors are a great way to add some substance and style to any bathroom. They add a touch of class and always set a relaxing, elegant mood.
  3. Warm Things Up

    Spas are about warmth and comfort. You can easily do the same at home by warming things up. Warm up your towels, get the bath water nice and steamy, etc. It’s another simple way to get the ball rolling in the right direction!
  4. Keep Things Handy

    Get yourself a tub caddy so you can keep all of your spa products right beside you in the tub. The next best thing to being pampered is pampering yourself without having to give any effort!
  5. Your Own Little World

    Creating a spa environment in your home is about escaping the real world. Turn off your phone and other electronics. Bring a book with you. Drown out all the noise from the outside world. Remember, this space is about you recharging and relaxing, the world can wait for a bit!
Written by Old Time Pottery
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