It’s the most wonderful time of the year.. unless you’re in charge of wrapping gifts for your family! For the kiddos, Christmas is no work and all play, but us adults know different – Christmastime is a LOT of work. With choosing the perfect gifts (more on that in my previous blog), decorating the entire house, and cooking a gourmet meal Christmas day all of that heavy lifting adds up. One thing that shouldn’t stress you out? Wrapping gifts! Here, we’ve compiled 6 great tips to ensure your gifts are dressed up to a T.

1. Start Wrapping Earlier
We’ve all fallen victim to Christmas Eve wrapping – don’t let it happen to you this year! The easiest way to ensure your presents are in tip top shape Christmas morning is to start early so you’re not rushing at the end. I generally try to allow 2 weeks for myself to get everything together – that means plenty of time for organizing paper, gift bags, etc. Old Time Pottery has a huge selection of gift wrap, bags, name tags, tissue paper, and ribbon, so I always just swing by when I’m ready to start and pick up a little bit of everything so I’m prepared as possible.

2. Find a Distraction
I find that it’s always hard to carve out time for myself during the holiday season. A couple of years ago I challenged myself to stop dreading the chore of gift wrapping and try to make it “me time”, and it’s completely changed my perspective! I mean, when else do you have complete control over the remote control or speakers? Because the kiddos won’t be around, wrapping gifts is the perfect time to listen to your favorite tunes or watch something funny on TV without worrying about being pestered. And if you don’t have a speaker yet, when you grab your wrapping paper you can pick up a Bluetooth speaker!

3. Wrap on a Hard Surface
The rug is NOT your friend when wrapping gifts. You want your presents to look crisp and neat, but with a textured rug underneath you it’s hard to get flat, even lines. Move to your hardwood floors or kitchen table to ensure clean wrapping.

4. Use Double Sided Tape
Now on to the nitty-gritty details of wrapping… double sided tape is a life saver! Not only does it make it about 10x easier to keep things in place as you tape them, you can say good-bye to ugly scotch tape on the outside of your pretty paper. Honestly, I only discovered this about 2 years ago but I’ve never looked back (and have gifted it to just about all of my friends!).

5. Don’t Use Too Much Paper
Using too much wrapping paper is the fastest way to create a present that looks sloppy with weird creases all over the place. The easiest way to avoid using too much paper is to wrap packages with the longest side of the box facing the cut edge of the paper when possible. Before cutting, pull the paper up over the sides of the box to measure. Each side should be a bit longer than half the width of your box. If you end up cutting off too much, don’t worry – you can always trim later.

6. Use Dull Scissors to Curl Ribbon
Not only can sharp scissors cut your ribbon in half – they’re more dangerous to use! Try to grab your dull scissors for this job. To curl properly, put the inside of the spool on top of your scissors’ blade. Apply pressure with your thumb, and then pull through. Try to only do it once, otherwise you could end up with kinks you can’t get out!

Written by Sarah Moore

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