Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve loved the holidays. When I was little, I looked forward to waking up Christmas morning to grab my stocking and unwrap all of my presents. As I’ve gotten older, I have learned to appreciate the time spent with loved ones more – and rather than looking forward to what I’m receiving, I spend weeks looking for the perfect present to give my friends and family.

Sometimes though – you don’t know what the perfect present is. Whether it’s because you don’t know the person intimately or you’re obligated to purchase a little something, I have found that Old Time Pottery is a great place to shop for more “casual gifts” (along with gifts for your loved ones!). Here are 8 casual gifting ideas from yours truly. I hope this helps take some of the stress out of your holiday shopping!

1. For The Co-Worker Whose New Year’s’ Resolution is To Be Healthier
Honestly, you can’t go wrong with a tumbler or a traveling mug for pretty much anyone on your list. And this one was a great find for those who are trying to be healthier in 2018. You put fruit into the tumbler and it will infuse your water with flavor without the added calories.


2. For Your Mother-in-Law Who Is Always Baking Cookies
Sure, you’ve known her for years, but this is still one of the hardest people to buy presents for in my opinion! Luckily for me, mine is constantly baking and cooking in the kitchen. I know that she doesn’t need any more gadgets in the kitchen, so I decided on functional decor this year. This cute little owl does double duty as a cookie jar and adorable winter decor!


3. For Your Kid’s Teacher, the Coffee-holic
You know if they’re dealing with your kids, they’ve got to be drinking a lot of coffee! And even if they aren’t, everyone loves snuggling up with a warm beverage on a chilly night. I love receiving mugs – even if I already have too many, they always bring back memories of when I got them! I think these ones are so cute and will look GREAT on our teacher’s desk.


4. For Your Uncle, Who You Only See During the Holidays
Ah yes, the male relatives you only see once a year. You’re obligated to buy them presents, but they’re impossible to buy for. Enter: the hobby related gift. I happen to know my uncle loves to grill – but not much else (he’s the quiet type). Luckily, I was able to find this great looking set of BBQ tools that are great quality without breaking the bank. This rule of thumb pretty much applies to all of the men in my life – whether the hobby is golf, football, watching movies, etc. etc.


5. For Your Hairstylist, Who Needs Some New Decor
I LOVE my hairstylist. Honestly, nothing makes me feel better than a trip to the salon so I want to make sure she knows how appreciated she is at the end of the year. During my latest cut, my hairstylist mentioned that she wanted her lobby to feel more “homey” when clients had a bit of a wait. Since I know she constantly has people coming and going, I thought an inspirational sign would be a good pick for her salon. I decided on the one below – not too big, but still has a flair. Even if she doesn’t want to keep it in her salon, I think this would look great on a desk, coffee table, or shelf.

6. Your Cousin Who Has Three Kids at Home and Just Needs a Moment to Herself
We all know how hard it can be to find a moment of peace when you have kids at home. And even when you find time for yourself, you feel like you’re wasting it if you’re not being super productive cleaning, cooking, etc.! Give your cousin a break without making her feel guilty with a jigsaw puzzle. Puzzles are the perfect level of productivity meets relaxation.

7. For Your Secret Santa, Who You Don’t Know That Well
Everyone loves a candle. And there are so many options for design and scents! I personally stick to holiday scented candles during this time of year. Not sure what scent you should get for your Secret Santa? Just pick a design or pattern that can function as pretty decor. That’s what I call a win-win!

8. For Your Brother-in-Law, the Movie Buff
We all have that one person who is obsessed with a fandom. My brother-in-law happens to love Star Wars (and honestly just sci-fi movies in general). I picked up this Star Wars popcorn maker and I think it’s going to be a huge hit at his bachelor pad! When I was at Old Time Pottery I also saw some Superman, Batman, Mickey Mouse, and Wonder Woman collections, so there’s a little something for everyone.


Written by Sarah Moore

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