Ah, summertime is here and in full swing! I am a huge lover of having a summer night sanctuary, a place to kick back and relax after a hot day in the sun.  Fortunately, Old Time Pottery has made it very easy for me to make my own backyard getaway!

It *only* took me AN HOUR to pick out the exact chair pillows I wanted because there are SO many to choose from, I couldn’t decide! I went with the green theme, not only because it’s my favorite color but it’s also very soothing. I love the mix and match vibe that these pillows have together, they bring out the summer vibes I wanted.

So, I’ve got the comfort covered, I could sit on these pillows all day. Now for setting the mood…

I bought three sets of globe lights which I have always wanted to do, but they are so expensive everywhere I’ve seen them and they were affordable at Old Time Pottery.

My deck isn’t specifically set up for hanging lights so I was a little unsure of how to go about this at first, but I found some wooden flag poles next to the lights that I thought might work. I attached the poles to the deck railing and just hung the lights from there, and it turned out perfectly!

You can find me out here most of my evenings, enjoying the sweet summer air or late at night watching the fireflies. Hopefully you will take the time for yourself to unwind at the end of you day and relax in your own summer sanctuary. And don’t worry, there is still a huge selection of great outdoor décor available – get your picks before they are gone!

Written by Sarah Moore

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