A house doesn’t feel like a home until there are pictures on the walls! The hubby and I have moved to a couple new places over the last few years and one of the top priorities for me is to get stuff up on the walls! Only then do I feel moved in!

There is so much you can do with wall hangings and pictures frames. Sometimes it can be daunting to think about how to arrange your photographs or even to find economical ways to make your walls look fabulous! Here are a few tips to get you going and get your walls looking great!

  1. Decide what images you want to display in photo frames before you go shopping! Know the sizes of your photos and how much space you have to work with, so that when you go shopping, you know exactly what you need. Think about including a mix of sizes and orientations for the images.
  2. Questions to ask yourself:
    • How many pictures do I want/need to hang in the space?
    • Do I want my arrangement to be symmetrical, or asymmetrical?
    • Do I want to enlarge any photographs?
    • Do I have enough images, or large enough sized images to fit this space? Do I have too much?
  3. Go shopping! Check out stores like Old Time Pottery who have an eclectic mix of great frames at low prices. Look for frames that have the same color scheme and feel. I chose some black picture frames with silver accents. I purchased a bunch that are varying sizes and could be hung either vertically or horizontally. I also purchased some that had some decoration/sayings, but were also in that same family of black and silver.
  4. Arrange your photos in the frames, making sure that they are straight and looking the way you want.
  5. Arrange the frames on the floor in front of the wall you will be hanging them on. Lay them out with the spacing you want and play around with configurations until you find the arrangement you like.
  6. Arrange them on the floor like so!

  7. Hang them up! When you’re hanging them, make sure to think about how heavy they are. Will the frame need to be hung on a stud? Now is the time to think technical! Now is also the time to enlist the help of your hubby to help you hang them!

The finished frame arrangement.

I chose to do a collage of photographs of my two fur-babies and chose to do an asymmetrical arrangement to give it a little more interest. I love how your eye travels from one picture to the next. I also love how my black and white dog pops against the black frames! One of the pictures I had was too small for my frame and so I made a custom matte for the frame. Stay tuned for how I made this fun matte and how you could do it too!

Valerie Morris is a true DIY maven at heart. Before there was Pinterest, she had (and still has) a binder full of magazine clippings and ideas of things she wants to make or ideas for decorating her home. She always has a project in mind and in process. You can almost see the gears spinning in her head when she has a new project idea. Valerie loves finding a great deal and repurposing decor around her home in new ways. Old Time Pottery is one of her favorite shopping locations and she proudly contributes to our Pinterest boards, our blog, and many other creative ventures wherever she can!
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