Hosting and lifestyle experts, Shannon and Jenna of The Busy Bee, are on the blog today sharing their new favorite Christmas storage solutions that add character to your home.

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Now that the holiday season has come to an end, it has become very clear just how many hosting and entertaining tools we’ve collected over the years. Storing Christmas decorations now includes a plethora of table linens, flatware, serveware and decorative tabletop accents that have outgrown our Christmas tree and holiday decor storage bins. So, this year, as Shannon was preparing to put away her festive details, she decided it was time to expand her Christmas storage container collection and get a little more creative with the pieces she chose.

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With limited storage space in her garage, Shannon knew just the area she wanted to use for additional Christmas storage. After receiving a few cabinets from her kitchen update, her laundry room was waiting for the perfect way to showcase its new storage spaces. And after a little more thought, it made the most sense to use this area for storing holiday hosting and entertaining tools, especially table linens, that can easily be tossed in the wash as needed.

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Because the storage would be indoors and where houseguests often enter to retrieve fresh towels and bed linens, Shannon knew she wanted to incorporate decorative storage containers that look more like home decor than they do storage containers. With that, she headed to Old Time Pottery to check out their wide variety of storage options to make Christmas cleanup easier, faster and a lot more stylish. Once there, she was met with more options than she could have imagined and found exactly what she was looking for.

Her first concern was finding Christmas storage containers for her table linens. She has both a set of “every day” white linens for extra guest seating and a set of decorative tablecloths for her main dining table. She also has several sets of festive dinner napkins and vintage doilies from our grandmother she switches out throughout the season. When she saw these decorative woven baskets with hinged lids, she knew they were just the ones. They come in two different sizes and add a bit of interest to the space when stacked. 

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Next, it was time to figure out what to do with the extra shelving space provided by her repurposed kitchen cabinets. Because she doesn’t have enough room in her kitchen utensil drawer for extra flatware, she knew she wanted a simple solution for storing her holiday sets. These muted mint green plastic storage baskets are perfect for storing her flatware throughout the year. They can then be easily transported down to the kitchen or dining room each holiday season and stored in the same baskets throughout the season and tucked away as needed.

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She also has a collection of candles, votive holders, vintage candle sticks and miscellaneous Christmas details that needed a functional storage solution. These medium white plastic bins with basketweave details and lids are perfect for storing smaller tabletop decor that won’t get lost or broken with the bigger Christmas decor in the garage. They also keep the items out of sight for a more organized look, and can be easily carried to the dining area next holiday season when it’s time to decorate again.

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Once all the decorative Christmas storage solutions were put into place, Shannon was so happy with the end result. The neutral tones and woven details of each piece blend seamlessly together. Visually, the set looks like a decorative feature in her laundry room. Functionally, it serves a greater purpose, storing all the small details she uses to serve loved ones during the holiday season.

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Looking for more Christmas storage solutions?

Old Time Pottery has a large selection of Christmas storage solutions, perfect for all of your holiday storage needs. From woven wicker and plastic bins, clear and colored totes, stacked drawers and handled baskets, to small, medium and large variations of the like. Needless to say, there is something for every little (or big) detail you need to store. Here are several of our favorite Christmas storage solutions and what type of holiday storage they are perfect for in your home.

Woven Baskets and Bins

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For style and function, opt for decorative woven baskets and bins like Shannon did for her laundry room. They add character to your home while also serving a functional purpose.

What they’re great for: Storing table linens, decorative pillows and comfy throws.

Multipurpose Plastic Bins

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Keep holiday items organized and out of sight with multipurpose plastic bins. Choose all of the same color or complementary ones (keeping the same color on the same shelf) for an even more organized look.

What they’re great for: Storing small details and decor such as candles, votives, napkin holders and flatware as well as gift tags, tape, ribbon and bows.

Storage Baskets

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For tall or oddly shaped items, choose large storage baskets that give items a little extra room vertically.

What they’re great for: Storing gift wrap, Christmas lights, garland, silk florals, faux greenery and wreaths.

Stacked Drawers

A great way to organize gift wrap supplies is to utilize stacked drawers. Place them in an accessible closet for easy access during the holidays.

What they’re great for: Bags, bows, tape, tissue paper, gift tags, ribbon, scissors, pens/markers, etc.

Shallow Storage Containers

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Lacking storage space? Choose shallow containers that can easily slide under the beds in your house and remain out of sight all year long. 

What they’re great for: Wrapping paper, stockings, ornaments, and signs.

Large Storage Totes

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For bulkier items or a large collection of smaller items, use large storage totes to be stored in the garage, attic and/or closets.

What they’re great for: Ornaments, Christmas nativity scene, village set, faux trees, miscellaneous holiday decor, etc.

Have any great Christmas storage solutions you use in your home? We’d love for you to share them in the comments below!

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Written by Victoria Myers

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