In our busy world, it can be a challenge to stay organized. Grocery lists, gifts to buy, bills to pay, the list can go on and on! However, thanks to my latest project, I can stay more organized and keep my work spaces cute and clean at the same time! This organizer project is super simple and only requires a few supplies from Old Time Pottery!

Here’s what you will need.

What you’ll need:

  • Large photo frame (I used an 8″x10″ frame)
  • 1/4 – 1/2 yard of fabric
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Glue or Tape
  • Iron & Ironing Board


  1. Start out by ironing your fabric to get all creases and wrinkles out.
  2. Cut your fabric to wrap the frame backing piece. Affix with glue or tape.
  3. Cut fabric pieces to be approximately 9″ x 9″. Cut along the clean/nice edge of the fabric piece so that you don’t have to hem the fabric. If you don’t have a clean edge, fold over the fabric and iron to have a clean edge. Ironing an edge should work fine, but sew a hem if needed.
  4. Position the fabric pieces based on how much spacing you would like between the different pockets.
  5. Flip the backing piece with fabric over and affix the fabric pieces to the back. Make sure the fabric is tucked tightly.
  6. Secure backing piece back into frame.
  7. Set up your photo frame organizer in your workspace to help you see all of your important notes and reminders!

It’s time to get organized.

I love personalizing my home and Old Time Pottery made it so easy! They always have new fabrics coming in and a huge selection of frames to choose from to customize any project. Get inspired today at your closest Old Time Pottery store!

Valerie Morris is a true DIY maven at heart. Before there was Pinterest, she had (and still has) a binder full of magazine clippings and ideas of things she wants to make or ideas for decorating her home. She always has a project in mind and in process. You can almost see the gears spinning in her head when she has a new project idea. Valerie loves finding a great deal and repurposing decor around her home in new ways. Old Time Pottery is one of her favorite shopping locations and she proudly contributes to our Pinterest boards, our blog, and many other creative ventures wherever she can!
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