For Halloween you don’t necessary have to decorate scary to get your point across. With two little boys around, I tend to go for a more subtle spooky look with a mix of jack-o-lanterns, spider webs, and a friendly ghost here or there. You won’t find any vampires or zombies in this house. At least not for a few more years!
An easy way to incorporate a not-so-scary witch to my Halloween decor was to go for a “spooky chic” look which is how I came up with this Glamorous Witch Hat. I love taking something plain and turning it into something wonderful.
For this project you will need:
  • Chevron Pumpkin ($10.99)
  • Witch Hat ($1.49)
  • Halloween Pick ($1.49)
  • 2 Rolls of Ribbon, Wired ($2.99-$9.99)
  • Flowers, Mum Bush ($9.99)
  • Extra Old Time Pottery Plastic Bags
Not shown:
  • Wet Adhesive
  • Scissors

Stuff the witch hat with the Old Time Pottery plastic bags that you brought your supplies home in. Shape it so that the hat will stand up and sit on top of the pumpkin.


Select one of the ribbons to decorate the hat. Run the ribbon from under the brim to the top of the hat. Glue down. Repeat three more times. The ribbon will overlap near the top of the hat. Allow the ribbon to extend a half inch to one inch higher than the tip of the witch hat.
Roll the end of the ribbons together and glue together. Since the ribbon is wired you can manipulated the end to fold over to make a crook in the end of the hat.

Take the second ribbon and wrap it around the base of the hat, gluing as you go. To make the ribbon appear wider, wrap the ribbon around the hat again, but start wrapping at the top of the ribbon you previously added. Pinch the top of the ribbon so that it looks snug against the hat.

Make a bow and glue it to the center of the ribbon wrapped around the hat.


It’s time to decorate!

Slide the Halloween pick between the ribbon and the hat. You don’t even have to glue it down! It will stay in place.

Cut the mums off of the bush leaving ~3 inches of stem. Pluck the mum off of the end of the stem. Add the leaves to the stem then place the mum back in place.

Tuck a couple of the mums under the bow. You do not need to glue these down either.



And we’re done! That is one glamorous witch hat, don’t you think?

You could easily go with any color scheme. And I love the chevron ribbon with the chevron pumpkin.


I paired the hat with one of the Halloween poison bottles ($5.99) in a similar color from Old Time Pottery. This beauty is made to look like purple Mercury glass (it is also available in green and orange!) and lights up.

A little not-so-spooky Halloween decor goes a long way!

Do you go all out scary or just a little spooky?


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Michele is a wife and mommy to two little boys. She recently gave up her job in the field of science to pursue her dream of spending more time with her boys and becoming a full time blogger. When she’s not playing superheroes or building Lego mansions you can find her creating at The Scrap Shoppe. She doesn’t shy away from any type of media so you never know what sort of project will show up on her blog next!
Written by The Scrap Shoppe
Michele is the creator behind The Scrap Shoppe, a craft and DIY blog. She is a wife and mommy to 2 fun little boys. She gave up a job in science to pursue her dream of spending more time with her boys and becoming a full time blogger. The Scrap Shoppe focuses on creating fun, creative, and unique craft and DIY projects for the home that anyone can recreate.

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