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There just seems to be something magical about Fall. It makes me want to be out and about and taking it all in. From Halloween to Thanksgiving, to every housewarming in between, this season offers no shortage of opportunities to get together with friends and family. With all of these events on the horizon, I find myself thinking about how to show appreciation to my hosts/hostesses and never show up to a party empty handed!

That is, until I stumbled upon the secret to being the perfect guest… making a gift for your host that’s both pretty and simple! When in doubt, bringing something to eat or drink will always be a safe crowd pleaser. And while wine may be nothing new, it’s the presentation that really kicks it up a notch! If you keep a few bottles on hand, your gift can be dressed and ready before you can decide what shoes to wear.

During my last trip to Old Time Pottery, I grabbed some great Harvest supplies to add to my craft closet. I picked up a roll of season less burlap mesh, a few rolls of fall ribbon and because I couldn’t narrow down my choices, I bought more than a handful of decorative fall picks. I’ve got to say that I think the fall ribbon bins are just amazing, and what’s more, they carry three-yard rolls for just a dollar right now! So instead of committing to one design for all of my upcoming projects, I can get a whole new pattern for each. That’s what I call a win-win!

A beautiful, decorative floral pick takes the guesswork out of embellishment, needing only a simple bow to hold the pick and mesh in place. What’s more, one roll of mesh can wrap over a dozen bottles! So, if you choose to invest in a few supplies ahead time, you can have everything you need to get you through the season.

But why stop at wine bottles? I could see filling up a glass stopper bottle with fresh-pressed apple cider or wrapping a really great bottle of olive oil for a foodie friend. Let me show you how I did this for under $20.00.

So what are your “Go-To” hostess gifts? We’d love to hear your ideas and see your festive fall gifts! Follow Old Time Pottery at @OldTimePottery on Instagram and share your OTP-inspired crafts using #myOTPstyle

Supplies needed:

  • One decorative Harvest pick
  • 22” x 10” wide decorative burlap mesh
  • Approx. 1.5 yards (54in) of ribbon
  • Clear tape (if needed)


  1. Cut a length of 22” of the burlap mesh. This should be enough to wrap around the bottle two times.
  2. Secure the mesh to the backside of the bottle with a piece of clear tape and wrap around twice.
  3. Take the ribbon and tie a single knot low on the front of the bottle.
  4. Lay the floral pick over the knot and tie a bow-securing the floral pick inside.
  5. Fluff and shape the bow as desired.

Written by Old Time Pottery
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