Are you getting ready to entertain this weekend?
Outdoor parties and picnics are the best. I love entertaining outdoors. I do not love the heat or mosquitoes though. We usually set up our volleyball net and get our grill started and have a blast. We drink a lot due to the heat so this year I decided to make an outdoor beverage station so everyone can help themselves.
The main thing is to have plenty of ice to keep everything cold. I found some awesome crates at Old Time Pottery that I literally stacked on top of each other. They have a set from Libbey called the Country Folk Collection which comes with a metal tub and 6 jar mugs. I just had to have it. It was perfect for this.
I purchased two large crates and one medium. Stacked the two together with open side facing forward. You can leave or secure with small wood screws. Then I placed the medium one upside down to make a table.
This becomes the stand to hold all the drinks.
I placed the metal tub on top filled with bottled soda and ice.
I added glasses to the first shelf and a sign that said “Cool Drinks” written on a chalkboard
I found a great bottle opener for the side of the crate. It collects the discarded tops for easy clean up. I hammered a nail to the side so it can hang there.
Homemade lemonade with added sliced lemons and raspberries always quenches my thirst. Of course I had to have some pretty paper straws to go with it!
My favorite thing was the cookie bags. I bought some festive iced cookies for a treat and added some red and white checked bags so they can take them home if they like. It was a cute party favor. They looked to plain though so I had to do something to the front that was simple.
So I clipped a hand written note that said “A sweet ending to a Wonderful Day”
This was so easy to do and I think it was a fun idea. I can think of so many other things to do with this outdoor beverage station.
 How about an ice cream station?
This makes a great pairing with the outdoor serving station from The Scrap Shoppe!
Either way I hope you sit down, relax, enjoy a drink and make memories!
That is what life is all about!
Written by DreamingInColor
Deneen is the owner/designer for her business Dreamingincolor located in Historic Murfreesboro, TN where she showcases her furniture, DIY's and artistic creations that she writes about on her design blog Dreamingincolor. She has always had a passion for thinking outside the box and creating something affordable and beautiful.

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