Plaid is making its way back in fashion and home decor. Bring it into your home with a fun painted plaid rug that is simple to make. A jute rug from Old Time Pottery makes the perfect blank slate for painting.


To make your own painted plaid rug you will need:

  • Jute rug from Old Time Pottery
  • Painters tape
  • Large ruler or yard stick
  • Craft paint in the colors you desire (I ended up using 7 of these small bottles)
  • Sponge pouncer brushes


Start by masking off the perimeter of the rug. My jute rug had a dark brown strip around the edge. Then use the ruler or yard stick to start laying out lines in either the horizontal or vertical direction. Be sure to press the painter’s tape down well.


Paint these stripes, remove painter’s tape while paint is still wet, and allow these stripes to dry. Use your ruler to lay out some stripes in the opposite direction and lay out your painter’s tape.


Again paint stripes in the same manner as above. NOTE: I went “over” and “under” various stripes that were in the opposite direction while painting these stripes.


Continue painting vertical and horizontal stripes a few at a time until the rug is just how you want it. Allow to dry between applications. You will end up with a plaid looking rug and all you did was paint various stripes. Mine are all different widths but you could definitely change this up and paint the same width if you would like. All plaids are different so let you imagination run wild with this project.


Allow your paint to cure for a few days before actually using your rug. But after that just use as you would any rug. Enjoy your new painted plaid rug!

Written by The Country Chic Cottage
Angie blogs at The Country Chic Cottage where you can find creative crafts, vintage finds, home decor, and DIY all with a little farmhouse flair. Angie has been blogging for over 2 years and is married with three kids. Stop by her blog where you will find everything from small, quick crafts to major furniture and home makeovers.

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