Water lapping at your feet, calm salty breezes blowing past you, and jubilant shrieks from children as they splash in the sea are just some fond memories of beach trips of the past. Once you are home, you want to treasure these precious memories of your recent vacation. After my recent beach trip, I wanted to commemorate my trip in some way to trigger my fond memories. With the help of some sea treasures, craft supplies, and a monogram letter from Old Time Pottery, I was all set to make a gorgeous memento!

Here’s what you will need.

What you’ll need:


  1. Prep your surface of the monogram. Clean surfaces help with adhesion!
  2. Lay out your seashells and other treasures in a pleasing arrangement.
  3. Affix each item to the monogram using glue. Depending on the item you are trying to glue, you may need different glue. I used plain old school glue and let it dry completely. However, if you need something stronger, try Gorilla Glue, or even a hot glue gun.
  4. After the glue is dried, spray paint the entire monogram. I chose a beachy teal to remind myself of summertime and bright sunny skies!

Monogram letters are all the rage in decorating today. They are a great way to personalize your space! But personalizing the monogram take it a step even more, allowing you to use the monogram letters to complement your own personal style! The possibilities are as endless as the possible travel destinations! Bon Voyage!

Valerie Morris is a true DIY maven at heart. Before there was Pinterest, she had (and still has) a binder full of magazine clippings and ideas of things she wants to make or ideas for decorating her home. She always has a project in mind and in process. You can almost see the gears spinning in her head when she has a new project idea. Valerie loves finding a great deal and repurposing decor around her home in new ways. Old Time Pottery is one of her favorite shopping locations and she proudly contributes to our Pinterest boards, our blog, and many other creative ventures wherever she can!
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