My back deck has been a great place to spend time with friends and family every summer, but in creating an outdoor oasis in my backyard, I’ve neglected the front porch at my Nashville home. I was inspired over the long July 4th weekend to make the front of my house more inviting – and headed over to Old Time Pottery to look for the perfect planters.

I lucked out that planters were 30% off as part of their Outdoor Superstore event – don’t you love it when what you’re looking for is on sale? After sending a few photos and consulting with friends, I settled on these classic gray planters to offset the light color of my home. I would suggest that you pick planters that are the opposite hue of your home so they really pop. I picked up some pebbles, potting soil, and some pretty pink flowers and headed home to assemble my planters.

I started with lots and lots of pebbles – which are more cost effective than soil and help the planters drain properly. After a healthy layer of stone (I filled them up a little less than halfway), I added soil that came up almost to the top. Then I dug some holes and added the plants. It was so easy, and it totally transformed my front porch from drab to welcoming!

Your front porch is the first thing your guests see when visiting your home. Check out Old Time Pottery’s extensive selection of planters and make your own exciting outdoor decor – all for a great price during their Outdoor Superstore event. Hurry in before they’re gone!

Written by Sarah Moore

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