Easy Spring Home Decor Update with Florals
Spring officially started last week! Even though Mother Nature seems a little confused about what the temperatures should be, I am more than ready to start spring indoors and push winter out the door. The easiest way to update your home decor for spring is to spread around some pretty florals. And, luckily, florals are HOT right now and really easy to find!

Easy Spring Home Decor Update with Florals
I gathered some pretty floral bunches at Old Time Pottery. They really are a one-stop-shop for pretty flowers! I also picked up a few other items to make a custom spring decor piece and a tall pitcher to help add some height to the decor on my mantel.

Easy Spring Home Decor Update with Florals
To make this custom decor piece you will need a chicken wire frame and a brick of floral foam. Select a piece of foam that will stretch across the back of the frame. Slice the foam into 2 pieces to make two thin bricks with a craft knife or other serrated knife. Don’t worry if it is not completely smooth. Note: Protect your work surface while cutting the foam. It is messy! I like to use the paper that Old Time Pottery uses to wrap fragile items as my base.

Hot glue the edges of the foam to the back of the frame. If it doesn’t fill the full frame do not be concerned. It will still work just fine for our purposes.

Now is a good time to paint the frame if you choose to do so. I applied two coats of Americana acrylic paint in Hauser Light Green.

Once the paint is dry, go back and wrap the edges of the foam with ribbon to disguise the foam should it be seen from the side. Use hot glue to adhere.

Easy Spring Home Decor Update with Florals
Trim the stems of the blooms you are going to use down to ~1 inch. Push into the front of the frame through the chicken wire and into the foam. If any seem lose you can add a dob of hot glue to the stem then push it into the foam.

Scatter a few of the larger blooms within the frame first then go back and fill in the gaps with smaller and smaller blooms. Try not to smush blooms together.

Easy Spring Home Decor Update with Florals
Fill any gaps too small for blooms with other greenery and accents from the floral bunches.

Won’t this look pretty placed just about anywhere in the house for spring?

Easy Spring Home Decor Update with Florals
Now this part is kind of embarrassing. My mantel has not had much love since Christmas ended. The holiday decor all came down, but I never changed out the chalk art or redecorated. Isn’t it a sad space?

I made some new chalk art (you can download it as a free 8×10 printable on my blog) and got to work arranging the rest of my florals.

I purchased a long blooming stem that I wired onto the side of the frame. I added some more tall florals to the green pitcher to place on the opposite side of the frame. This adds some good height for the eye.

Then it was just a matter of gathering up random items already in the house that I could put the flowers in.

Easy Spring Home Decor Update with Florals
I am definitely ready for spring now! I even had just enough flowers leftover to make another centerpiece for my side table. My living room pretty much screams spring now thanks to the addition of some pretty florals.

Easy Spring Home Decor Update with Florals

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    This is beautiful and the floral frame is super creative!

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