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Thanks so much for speaking with us today, Jenni. We’re big fans of your popular show on Bravo, “Flipping Out.” For our readers that aren’t familiar with the show, can you tell them a little bit about it?

Flipping Out is a documentary series that follows the life of my boss, Jeff Lewis, and the wonderful dynamics of his office and his design business. Think Seinfeld marries Flip This House. We flip more houses, less tables.

What fall decorating trends are you seeing?

Gold and bronze hardware/fixtures are still popping up everywhere. Matte finishes as opposed to shiny for light fixtures are hot. Indoor/outdoor tile with texture and pattern. Black stainless steel appliances and mismatched cabinets as well as mixed materials in the kitchen.

Any particular colors or styles that are hot this year?

Neutrals are still my favorite, and always will be. Popping a few walls with accent colors. I love a good deep blue, a rich olive. Creating a canvas with your rooms that you can then bring alive with color in your artwork and accessories is always a great plan. Light or grey distressed wide planked floors are in, while dark floors show everything dirt-related.



If you had a small budget to buy furnishings or accessories to update a living room, what type of items would you suggest to focus on for the biggest impact?

16-accent-pillow-reshoot-less-narrowPaint is always great and affordable. New cabinet hardware can transform your old cabinets. A new sofa that is neutral, and accessorize with color through your throw pillows. A cozy throw goes a long way. Artwork always adds a necessary layer. You can lean pieces in bookshelves – get creative!

How about for a bedroom?

 I always suggest new bedding, a great headboard, and fancy drapes.


I’m planning on having family over during the holidays. What tips could you give me for decorating a dining room that’s festive and conducive for entertaining?

Bring in a host and hostess chair to make the table special. You can find reasonable options that will make the table feel warm and inviting. A colored runner and beautiful centerpiece will always bring your table to life, and remember they can be made out of anything! Get creative and take the time to do handmade place cards. I also love having a kids table, so they feel important and part of their own special party.

What’s the secret to a successful room makeover project?

Calming paint colors and a rug with personality. Make sure to take time to furnish it with carefully chosen pieces over time. I find the result is always worth the wait.


Congratulations on being in your 9th season. What do you think are the biggest reasons for the show’s longevity?

Our show has always had a very colorful personality as its main focus. You can’t deny that Jeff Lewis is very entertaining. Design is his passion. We are a unorthodox family with a complex dynamic. Our show is proof you don’t have to be perfect to accomplish great things. (Click to tweet this!)

Thanks so much for these amazing tips and ideas! Don’t miss Jenni in the Emmy-nominated “Flipping Out”, Thursdays on Bravo at 9/8C.

Photo: Bravo TV

Photo: Bravo TV

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  1. Paty Pawless October 19, 2016 at 4:09 PM Reply

    Love ❤️ the show! Been watching for years! Hope your second ? baby is on it’s way & can’t wait to see Jeff & Gage’s little one make her appearance! Also, thanks for your decorating advice, always love ❤️ help, Paty…

  2. Mimidorfman October 19, 2016 at 4:21 PM Reply

    Love Jeff and jenni the show is awesome

  3. Jamie Guilmette November 16, 2016 at 2:28 PM Reply

    I Love Jeff & Jenni- Their personalities make the show!! And, Jeff’s talent is amazing!

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