Gardening has begun and Old Time Pottery has so many gardening products and plants available. So I have been planting away. The porch is brightened up with flowers. All the furniture is refreshed and it is time to sit in the rockers with a glass of sweet tea.
As I sat I thought about all I have seen. Then I thought….
Have you ever brought the outside in?
 Not in a typical way. Most of us have used fresh flowers in our home before but have you thought outside the box? I like to use unusual things as a conversation piece in a home. So while I was in the garden center I found these tomato stakes I couldn’t pass up. Mainly because it came with a cool burlap bag.
I found myself thinking of how I can use this inside. I love the Edison bulb lamps that are so popular right now. I decided to created a farmhouse floor lamp. I love the burlap and Edison bulb. I love the whole lamp idea.
I started with Old Time Pottery’s tomato stake package.
I had an old floor lamp that I took apart. I removed the old shade, the regular bulb, and painted the bright brass brown to match the pole..
I found this great wicker basket to insert in the burlap pot.
It is like a bag so it wasn’t that sturdy. The basket helped prop it up.I used the handles from the bag and wrap it around the handles of the basket.
Did I say I love this bag?
The tomatoes logo got me.
 I placed the lamp inside the basket. Filled it with shredded green paper. The red metal stake is triangular and I set it over the pole to sit inside basket. The basket could hold magazines too.
Something needed to be clipped to the stake. I made little paper flowers and glued to clothespins and attached to metal. You could add pictures or note to it also.
I cut a small hole in the bottom of the burlap to thread the plug and cord through.
Now the cord can’t be seen.
The Edison bulb makes the lamp current. I love Edison bulbs and the filaments that light up. The colors of the stake with the burlap tomato sack fit this corner perfect.
Just the right light and a little americana feel.
Farmhouse vintage look with a farmhouse tomato stake lamp
So bring the outdoors in…Find something different…there is more than one way to achieve this.
Have fun with it!
Written by DreamingInColor
Deneen is the owner/designer for her business Dreamingincolor located in Historic Murfreesboro, TN where she showcases her furniture, DIY's and artistic creations that she writes about on her design blog Dreamingincolor. She has always had a passion for thinking outside the box and creating something affordable and beautiful.

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