With Christmas right around the corner, this gorgeous fondant bow turns your holiday cake into a work of art that all of your guests will be exited to unwrap (and eat)!


Materials & Tools:

. Fondant (colour of choice)
. Rolling pin
. Some cornstarch for dusting
. Exacto knife, pizza cutter or any other small sharp knife
. Edible glue
. Melted candy or royal icing to glue the loops together in the same colour as your bow (optional)
. Plastic wrap or paper towels
. Glitter dust & a few drops of vodka (optional)



Roll the fondant into a rectangle.

Cut the rolled fondant into strips about 2 cm (3/4 inch) wide and 10-13 cm (4-5 inches) long. You can cut your strips wider & longer depending on how big you want the bow.


Although you can’t really see it in the pictures, the strips are brushed with silver glitter dust mixed with a few drops of vodka. More might create a better effect.

Take one strip, brush the ends with some water, fold it into a loop and pinch together the ends (dusted side facing out).


Repeat the steps to make all the loops. Here about 30 were made. Place the loops on their side for drying on a sheet of wax paper.


You can assemble the bow directly on the cake or ahead of time. You can make it the day before.

Take a sheet of wax paper. If you are using royal icing or candy melts to glue the loops together then place a small puddle in the center of the wax paper. It’s easier to use either one of these two as the glue but this time none was used… you will see how it was done below, a little more time consuming but it works.

Position 10 loops into a circle to form the base of the bow, turning every other one on its side as seen below.

Add another tablespoon of royal icing or candy melts in the center. In this case, a piece of green was placed fondant in the middle and brushed some edible glue on the bottom to make sure it sticks to the loops.


If you’re using fondant in the center, make some small cuts with a knife and gently insert each end of the loop in to make the second layer of loops. Again turn some of them on their sides. Brush some edible glue on the pointy side of the loop and on the fondant blob to make sure they are properly attached.

If needed, place some plastic wrap or crushed paper towels below the loops to hold them in place until they dry completely.


Add more glue in the center and attach the remaining loops to fill in the top of the bow.


Let it dry overnight and remove the plastic wrap or paper towels. Gently pick up the fondant bow and arrange it on top of the cake (brush some edible glue on the cake before placing it).


This recipe and images are courtesy of Roxy’s Kitchen.


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