With the holidays ahead, our calendars will soon be filling up with holiday soirees and work outings. With all of the parties and dinners, sometimes we seem to get mixed in the mess and forget to grab those quiet moments with our loved ones. Whether it is a romantic night in or out, steal that moment! It may be just the surprise your spouse was looking for.

As fun as the holiday season was last year, my husband and I had very little time with each other while running from house to house. Therefore, I’ve carved out a special evening for a fine dinner in. No, that does not mean pizza and football. I’ve decided to transform our back yard into a romantic dinner for two. Opting to adorn our outdoor furniture and landscape with holiday decor all from Old Time Pottery. Not only was this a lavish way to dress our back yard, but inexpensive too!


Hang over sized Christmas ornaments and/or faux-berries to create an almost fairy tale ambiance.

Table Accessories:

Dressing a table is all about experimenting so don’t be afraid to go a little overboard with accessories. Opting for real or faux flowers or stems is a great way to make a small table lavish.

Table Linens:

When dressing a table I always opt for linens to match my theme. However, I try to avoid using all of the exact same colors. By doing this your eyes will be able to soak in the beauty verses the clash of colors.

Happy Holidays from my family to yours! For life, travel, fashion, food and all things fabulous from an entrepreneur’s eyes, follow me at Ecru Elegance.

Kristan Roberts is the Co-President at R Property Management, Inc., where she manages Community & Condo Associations. Kristan is also a writer for Nashville Lifestyles-Murfreesboro Magazine and Editor & Chief for Ecru Elegance.
Written by Old Time Pottery
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