DIY House Number Pumpkin TopiaryHere in Tennessee the leaves are starting to change colors! That’s the signal for me to bring out all the fall decor and, even if the temps haven’t cooled off completely, my decor will make me feel like we’re at least getting close. Not only do I like to decorate inside, but I also like to spruce up my front porch as well to create an inviting entrance for guests.

Like the Light Up Fall Topiary, this House No. Pumpkin Topiary is pretty simple to create and makes a great statement for the front of your house!

DIY House Number Pumpkin TopiaryYou will need as many foam pumpkins as you have numbers in your street address, in my case that is 4. These are 9×7.5″ foam pumpkins and are available in 2 color schemes. You will also need a fall pick, paper stem wire, and a 1/2″ dowel rod.

Other supplies not shown are a box cutter, hot glue gun, wire cutters, and a hack saw.

DIY House Number Pumpkin Topiary
The stems on these pumpkins are pretty awesome! Unfortunately, we only need the top pumpkin in the topiary to keep it’s stem. Fortunately, you can save them for another project down the road!

Remove the stems on all but one of the pumpkins. Use a box cutter to assist you.

Next, find the center of the bottom of the pumpkins and use the box cutter to draw and X into the foam. X marks the spot!

Take the dowel rod and push it through the pumpkin from the top to the bottom and through the X. Be sure the keep the rod straight. *Do this step over a plastic bag for easy cleanup. There will be some Styrofoam mess.

Push the dowel rod through all of the pumpkins without a stem. Then take the pumpkin with the stem still attached and draw an X on the bottom in the center. Push the dowel rod UP through this pumpkin until it feels far enough in to be secure.

DIY House Number Pumpkin Topiary
Now it’s time to make the numbers! Bend the paper stem wire into the shape of the numbers of your street address, trimming them with the wire cutters.

Attach the numbers to each pumpkin with a little bit of hot glue.

DIY House Number Pumpkin TopiaryThe fall pick will act as a decorative accent to the top of the pumpkin topiary. Trim the end of the pick so it is no longer than an inch long then stick it into the foam on the top pumpkin right next to the stem.

DIY House Number Pumpkin Topiary DIY House Number Pumpkin Topiary
Place the topiary in a pot on the front porch (trim the dowel rod with a hack saw as needed). My pot holds flowers all summer, but about now they are starting to look pretty scraggly so I just took them out. The pot is still full of dirt which is stabilizing the topiary. If you don’t have dirt, you can also fill the pot with rocks or sand.

I added a stem of faux leaves to the base of the topiary and pot purple asters to finish off my look. Bring on fall!

Written by The Scrap Shoppe
Michele is the creator behind The Scrap Shoppe, a craft and DIY blog. She is a wife and mommy to 2 fun little boys. She gave up a job in science to pursue her dream of spending more time with her boys and becoming a full time blogger. The Scrap Shoppe focuses on creating fun, creative, and unique craft and DIY projects for the home that anyone can recreate.


  1. Robin~AllThingsHeartandHome September 24, 2015 at 4:52 PM Reply

    Love this! You made it look easy! ox

  2. Rachel @ {i love} my disorganized life September 28, 2015 at 9:26 AM Reply

    What a great idea, and so easy, too! Seriously love it!

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