Spring is in full force and with the weather starting to get consistently warmer, there has never been a better time to start a garden! While it may seem like a daunting task to start a garden, it really isn’t that hard and can be done with a little effort and planning.

Below we’ll discuss what you need to do to really get your garden going and in full bloom this summer. Plus, with the opening of our Garden Centers in select locations, you can either start your dream garden, or give your current one a boost all while taking advantage of great savings!

    1. Pollination

      Any vibrant garden needs pollinators such as birds, bees, butterflies, etc. If you want your garden to really take off, pollinators are essential as they’ll help produce seeds and foster growth in your garden. To get the most out of your local pollinators, make sure your flowers are in a spot that’s easily accessible for our flying friends and that they’re in a spot that gets plenty of sun. Then sit back, relax and watch your pollinators do their thing!


    1. Accents

      Once your flowers and plants are in full bloom, it’s time to add a little flair to your garden. Take some grasses, herbs and small shrubs and plant them in your favorite planters. From there sprinkle them throughout your garden to add some interest. If you really want to get fancy you can incorporate outdoor furniture, birdbaths, and more to really make your garden into a backyard paradise.


  1. The Garden Trellis

    Finally, once you’ve got all of your flowers in bloom and your accents in place, you can add the cherry on top to your dream garden. And that cherry is a garden trellis. These classy accents make for excellent accents and can really add a classy touch to any garden. Plus, they give you the chance to incorporate different types of plants into your garden such as grape vines and tomato plants.

We hope this article helps you get inspired to create your own personal garden. Remember to check our Garden Centers in select locations to help you get started on creating the garden of your dreams!

Written by Old Time Pottery
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