Hi friends, I’m excited to share my latest find from Old Time Pottery!

First off let me start by saying – you never know what you’re going to find at OTP.  Seriously.  I shopped there the other day in search of either wall art or lamps.  And wound up finding an awesome floor covering for just $20 that inspired me to give my dirty old laundry room a makeover!

Now I don’t have a before picture, so you’ll have to imagine the worst 😉  Seriously I have a 14 year old son that has grown up playing baseball from Little League and now travel ball.  So you can imagine the dirt this little room has seen.  We also have a basic white linoleum floor that is just plain b-o-r-i-n-g.


So when I saw this natural, woven floor mat…I immediately thought not only can it cover the  linoleum, but offer some nice texture and break up the sea of white we have in this space.

Well mission accomplished.  Although not 100 percent finished, this room is a huge improvement from where it started.  After cleaning the room, I painted the trim a bright white.   Then I gave the walls a light coat of primer.  My plan is paint the walls a light gray.


These frames below not only look nice, but they cover the unsightly hot and cold water valves.  The black and white framed flower I also snagged from OTP for just $9.99.


And here’s a larger picture of the room below.  Ahhh, it’s light and bright with loads of texture and even a little personality.  We’ve got our family rules which was a gift from the hubby’s sweet parents.


I can honestly say doing laundry in this space now is much more enjoyable than it used to be.  And it all started with a simple floor covering that cost less than $25…I love that!

Okay Old Time Pottery…just GO.  If you love improving your home like I do without spending a lot of money, you’ll love it!


Jane Bernard is the Owner & Design Consultant for her business Finding Fabulous by Design, LLC. She helps clients create stylish and updated spaces, without breaking the bank. She also writes the design & DIY blog Fabulous By Design. Her passion is finding simple & chic design trends…for less!
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