Special memories are made during the holidays.
Being Italian, lots of our memories were made around the table. Celebrating family and food. I remember traveling to my Nana and Pop’s house where all my cousins would be. We played for hours and ate like royalty. This was back when we could fit 30 people or more in a tiny home. If we didn’t have a seat around the table we made room somewhere else. It was ok. We never minded. We just loved being together.
I miss my grandparents. I am glad I have wonderful memories of them. Lots to pass down.
Just recently I became a grandmother. Passing down special moments and trinkets are important to me. I want him to know about my family. As we celebrate the holidays this year I thought I would come up with something for us all to have that remind us of family gathered around the table sharing laughter and of course, eating.
I came up with doing a favorite recipe on a Memory Recipe Tray.
I think it will be a great keepsake,
I purchased a bamboo tray from Old Time Pottery. They have lots of different pieces made of wood. I thought the tray would work best. I used chalk paint to paint the inside.
This will become the paper to my recipe. I added lines. No need to be perfect. It should loo like it was just written quickly on an index card or piece of paper.

I use a red pen to look like the margin of the paper.

Then I went through tons of family recipes. I know how much my grandson loves apples so I went with an Apple Crisp recipe of my moms.

Using your own handwriting when making this will be even better for the keepsake. I still love looking at my Nana’s handwriting.

Use dark and clear wax to create an aged and soiled recipe look.

The dark wax tones down the writing and ages the sides.

I feel like it looks authentic. Like a loved recipe that was used many many times. I hope it will add to another family memory. This memory recipe tray can be used all year long but when the holiday comes around it will tell the story of the year we gathered and celebrated.
The memories of our great- grandparents, grandparents and parents.
It is a recipe to pass down to generations.

When it is baked and we sit down to eat I hope a little red head will love it and when years pass I hope he will look back to this holiday memory.

I think I need to make more. I think each one of our family members would enjoy having a Memory Recipe Tray.

Hope you make wonderful memories this holiday season.

Written by DreamingInColor
Deneen is the owner/designer for her business Dreamingincolor located in Historic Murfreesboro, TN where she showcases her furniture, DIY's and artistic creations that she writes about on her design blog Dreamingincolor. She has always had a passion for thinking outside the box and creating something affordable and beautiful.

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