Customizing a silverware has been a really fun and exciting project for me. One main reason is because I have never done anything like this before. Another reason I was so excited, is that I had to wait for some of the materials in the mail – but the wait was worth it!

To customize this set of basic silverware from Old Time Pottery, I chose to use Plasti-dip, which is a product that makes rubbery surfaces. It was originally made to give the handles on tools more grip, but the crafting world has embraced this product too. There are two types of Plasti-dip to buy: a dip version and a spray version. Learn from my first attempt and don’t go with the dip version. Gravity makes it really difficult to get an even surface while the substance is drying. Go with the spray-version – and order your color online. Most hardware stores only stock black, but there are tons of colors available online!


Customizing the silverware is actually quite easy once you get your materials!


  • Tape off the silverware with painter’s tape or masking tape. Decide how far up you want your color to go.
  • Create a monogram look by sticking a scrapbooking sticker to the base of the handle of each piece of flatware.
  • Stick each piece of silverware in a piece of Styrofoam, or through cardboard to hold it up while you “paint” it.



  • Spray the flatware, just like you would with spray paint. Light, even sprays help avoid running. Let the Plasti-dip dry for at least four hours.



  • Remove the tape and voila! You have a unique, and functional monogrammed set of silverware!


There are tons of ways you can use Plasti-dip to customize items in your kitchen, and in in your home! Old Time Pottery has all of the flatware, glassware, and household items to help you get started on making your own customized sets!

Plasti-dip does not contain any heavy metals, and when completely dry, is considered harmless. However, it is not recommended that it be used on items that may be chewed or inserted into the mouth as it may present a choking hazard.

For more info on Plasti-dip, click here.

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