Anyone else beyond ready for spring and summer? Bring on the relaxation of spring greenery and sunny summer days!

Whether you have a luxurious backyard escape or a cozy and quaint apartment balcony, there are easy ways that you can curate an amazing patio vibe. It’s time to remake your outdoor space!

One of our favorite, inexpensive ways to create a perfect patio are outdoor cushions. I’m talking about more than just a comfy place you take a seat! Cushions add so much style and depth, and truly don’t cost much. You can easily spend less than $100 at Old Time Pottery, and add all new cushions to your patio furniture.

Read on for inspiration and my favorite ways to style outdoor cushions!

Colorful Throw Pillows

This is where you really get the chance to get colorful! Pair the colors of your pillows to your outdoor florals and furniture, or opt for a pretty pattern you simply love.

Pillows are a very cost-effective way to make a big impact on your outdoor setup. Additionally, these pillows are easy to keep clean and last for quite some time. If you feel like a change, it doesn’t cost a lot to swap them out as seasons change!

I loved the bright patterns that Old Time Pottery offered, all for only $10 each. The quality felt much more expensive than that. I purchased both spring and summer sets since they were so affordable. The summer options included fun quotes and graphics, so it was a chance to have some fun with my summer decor.

I like to mix patterned with solid colors, because it really balances out the entire look. If you are in doubt about what color scheme to shop for,stick to the color wheel to be sure which colors go well together! This will make sure you create a wonderfully welcoming color scheme.

Comfy Chair Cushions

Looking to keep it neutral? Taupe cushions are a great direction to go if you want to get colorful with your throw pillows, or mix-and-match patterns with accents like rugs. This Hampton Patio set included these perfect neutral cushions, so all I had to do was pick pretty pillows that reflected my style!

There are also some amazingly comfortable cushions in dozens of patterns at Old Time Pottery. Your porch is the perfect place for you to show off patterns you love, so don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone with patio decorations!

These amazing cushions felt like a memory foam material, and now I never want to leave my patio. Best part? Only $17! If you need a set, Old Time Pottery had 3-piece sets of seat cushions for $50!

If you need something small, OTP has comfortable patterned seat pads for less than $5, too! These are great for travel, or sporting events as well!

Lounge by the Pool in Style

Old Time Pottery has aisles, and I mean aisles of of outdoor lounging cushions from top to bottom.

I decided to get tropical by the pool this year with pops of color in leafy, floral patterns with a reversible striped option. Many of the long pool loungers are double-sided, and under $30!

Looking to really create the laid-back, relaxation vibe by your pool? Green and blue accents are a great way to pull together a deft color display, while still keeping it mellow and relaxed. Plus, Behr’s color of the year is Blueprint, so you can’t go wrong with blue accents in 2019.

I cannot wait to kick back and relax by the pool. And on these cushions, maybe even take a nap!

We’d love to see how you styled your Old Time Pottery outdoor cushions and pillows! Use the hashtag #OTPStyle or tag us at @oldtimepottery! Stay in the loop on our social media platforms for more information on decorating this spring season.


Written by Ashlee Myers

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