Shopping for a new Christmas tree can be stressful – from fancy features to colorful branches, there’s a huge selection to choose from and sometimes it’s hard to know what will fit your specific needs! Here, we break down for you exactly what to expect with each tree and feature:


Pine Tree

First up we have the artificial pine tree. This is your basic Christmas tree and mimics the pine trees that are most commonly found in the south. It’s branches have flexible needles, and it has lots of room for your favorite ornaments.

Spruce Tree

The next option is an artificial spruce tree. This traditional tree is based off of the trees most commonly found on the east coast and Midwest. The needles are sharply pointed, square and easy to roll between your fingers, which makes it perfect for dressing with lots of ornaments.

Flocked Tree

If you’re looking for something with a bit more flair, a flocked tree is a great option. These trees have “snow dusted” branches that give your whole house an elegant, winter wonderland look.



If you don’t want to string your own lights, pre-lit is a great feature to have since these trees come with lights already attached to the tree. There are a ton of options for these trees – you can often choose from LED or Incessant, and whether you want white and/or multi-color lights. Some even have a fun light show option to brighten up your whole house!


Quick Set trees are some of my favorites because they’re SO EASY to use. These trees have a power extension in the tree pole rather than an external cord, which means no more shuffling through the branches trying to connect cords! You can follow this link and see for yourself:

Remote Control

The Remote Control is an additional feature you can get with some trees. It’s super convenient if you want to be able to turn on and off the lights from the comfort of your couch.


Stow & Grow

Lastly, we have the Stow & Grow tree. This is basically the Rolls Royce of Christmas trees which is why I saved it for last – this awesome tree grows from 6 ft to 7 ft with the push of a button! It also comes with the quick set feature, has LED multi & clear lights with 8 functions, and a remote control to change the lights, height, etc.! Watch the video for this awesome tree here:

Written by Sarah Moore

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