We can all agree that rugs are way more than simply practical and functional home decor! Intentionally placing rugs in your home can elevate your space and the entire look and feel of a room.

Anchoring a rug can completely transform your space. If you are looking to add a pop of color, a unique texture or stunning pattern, throw in a rug! Rugs can truly define your room style, serve as a main focal point, and make a room look larger.

There are several different styles, sizes and shapes to choose from, all dependent on your personal taste. We styled several different rug types from Old Time Pottery to show you how to completely rug remodel your own space. Look no further for rug ideas!


Placing a woven rug is the perfect way to add texture to your room. Whether your style is anything from Bohemian to Modern Farmhouse, woven rugs are a great option. Old Time Pottery has endless 5×7 options under $50!

I styled a navy and off-white color rug in my living area, which completed the cozy, homey look I wanted!


Bring on the Venetian style! I love that this classic look has made a comeback, and Old Time Pottery has all the essentials stocked in many different sizes and colors.  

I love warm colors, so I added a stunning burgundy and neutral 5×7 Venetian to my living space. Grey venetians are definitely trending, and OTP has a great stock of these, too!

This look easily transforms your space to create a cohesive style and tie everything in the room together. Plus, if you need a pop of color or pattern, this is a great option. There are many other patterns at Old Time Pottery to choose from.

Functional Rugs:

Combine stylish with functional by adding rugs to your bedside, kitchen and bath! Think, how do you want your feet to feel? Like stepping on a cloud, right?

Old Time Pottery is a one-stop-shop for both comfy and stylish rugs, and I am all about it. Add a fuzzy rug that ties your room together. You don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort. This white rug in my bedroom was only $13, and the grey bathroom rugs came in a set of two for only $15.

I added a thick, woven rug with lots of detail in my kitchen. This rug was so unique, and I couldn’t resist bringing it home! Also, less than $25!

Outdoor Rugs:

From patios to doormats, don’t forget to give your guests a warm welcome to your space! As spring draws closer, outdoor entertaining activities will soon be here. Add a few rugs before your guests arrive!

If your furniture and decor aren’t doing it for you, change up your space in a simple way by adding a rug. Lastly, don’t be afraid to step out of the box and layer or go for a round rug! Especially if you have wall-to-wall carpet or a favorite rug that is too small, layer it with a larger piece.

If you need us, we’ll be styling all our new rugs!

We’d love to see your Old Time Pottery rug looks. Simply tag us on Facebook or use the hashtag #OTPStyle!


Written by Ashlee Myers

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