One of my favorite items to purchase at Old Time Pottery are the florals. There is always a huge selection, no matter the season, and the quality is stellar. Spring is a great time to take advantage of these faux flowers and dress up all the areas of your home.

Dress up your mailbox for spring and summer with a pretty bouquet of faux flowers.
Let’s start outdoors! You may normally think about how to use faux flowers inside, but they can also be great outside. Most don’t fade and are water resistant. Making a simple floral bouquet such as this one is fun for adding a pop of color to your mailbox and a great way to greet guests that are stopping by.

Another great use of faux florals is, of course, for the front door. And try stepping outside the box from a typical wreath and try something new and fun, like this DIY umbrella wreath. It’s a great conversation starter when guests stop by and it’s pretty unlikely any of your neighbors are going to have anything similar.

Fairy gardens are all the rage right now, and for easy upkeep you can use faux flowers to decorate them. They would look adorable inside or out! How about in a sun room or even a little girl’s room?

Updating a bedroom can be as simple as getting new bedding and decluttering your nightstands!
And speaking of bedrooms, freshen up your room with faux flowers on the nightstand. They look so realistic that no one will ever realize they are fake!

A fillable lamp is an easy way to add custom bright color to a space, whether it be the living room, bedroom, or dining room. Wouldn’t this be stunning filled with fresh-looking faux blooms?

If you’re really into spring you can fill your entire mantel with pretty blooms. There are so many ways to use them! Just about any container can become a vase. Even use them along a picture frame!

Easy Spring Home Decor Update with Florals
Turn a frame into a showpiece by filling it with spring blooms. This framed floral piece could hang on a wall, sit on a mantel or side table, or even lay flat on a tray!

Easy Spring Home Decor Update with Florals
And, of course, even a simple vase can be filled with an abundance of pretty flowers and placed anywhere in the house. Perfect for an entryway, don’t you think?

You can even transform a simple bucket into a mossy floral masterpiece! This would make a wonderful centerpiece for a dining room table or kitchen island.

Add farmhouse flair to any room by creating a bouquet in anything galvanized. These would be stunning in a kitchen!

And, finally, you can even bring the fresh flower look into a small space like a laundry room or bathroom simply by downsizing the container. This terrarium is very trendy and adds instant color to a room with a little moss and bright flowers and berries inside. These would look great in an apartment, too!

Hope you’re inspired to add some floral accents to your decor!

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