Summer is here and it is the perfect time to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather! It is easy to let a porch or patio get a little rough over the winter but with a little effort and inspiration you can revamp the space to maximize outdoor enjoyment.

We have 3 easy and effective ways to spruce up your outdoor space for this summer. With a little work and creativity you can transform your porch or patio into the perfect place for family and friends to gather, and you can do it on a budget with great savings from Old Time Pottery!


    1. Turn Empty Space Into Extra Seating

      Have an extra corner on the porch that could use a facelift? Why not add some extra seating to accommodate more friends or family? This DIY project is quick, easy, and effective because it adds additional seating while creating an opportunity to add more style and decor to your outdoor living space. Customize your project with Outdoor Throw Pillows or a Settee Cushion Set. For more information on how to build the outdoor seating area, go here and here.
    1. Add Some Light and Life

      Outdoor living spaces are often used at night when the day begins to cool down, so why not add some stylish light to your porch or patio? This is a cheap and neat way to add some plants and cool light to your outdoor living space this summer. You can make it your own by picking from a various assortment of Oversized Planters from Old Time Pottery! While you’re there you can grab some Bamboo Tiki Torches too.
  1. Add Some Shade To Cool Off

    The Summer Sun can get blistering hot, so why not add some cool shade to your outdoor living space? An outdoor umbrella is a great way to hide from the sun and add some flowers to your outdoor living area. So grab an Oversized Planter and an Outdoor Umbrella for added shade and gardening space.

We hope this article inspires you to spruce up your own porch or patio this summer. Remember, Old Time Pottery has everything you need to make your outdoor living space perfect for gathering with family and friends!

Written by Old Time Pottery
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