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Our blogger for this week is the lovely Magnolia Mama, Jen.  See how her family gets summer ready.

The unofficial start to Summer is here and we are so ready! School is out for most of the Mini Magnolias, and we are ready to spend the next few months soaking in all the Summer we can. With pool and lake time on the schedule from now until August we made it our mission this week to stock up on all the summer essentials.

I don’t know about you, but by the end of each season, we seem to lose about 90% of our pool toys. We end up with a mismatched set of dive toys, a handful of water guns who lived their best life and only work on occasion, and our goggles are hanging on by a sad rubbery little thread.

When your crew and their band of pint-sized friends tend to Marco-Polo/mermaid/water wrestle/race/dive/cannonball/Category from sun up to sun down, you learn pretty quick to not spend a ton of money on anything they are going to be playing with at the pool. Pool toys tend to get thrown into one big splash fest, and floats get passed around and serve about sixteen different purposes. That’s the magic of Summer – everyone is blissed out on all that Vitamin D and the unlimited possibilities that a large body of water can provide – no one cares (for the most part) whose is what. But all that magic doesn’t have to break your budget.

This week we made our way to our local Old Time Pottery to stock up on all the summer things. Old Time Pottery always has a great selection of high-quality seasonal items for more than affordable prices.  Over the years they have become one of our favorite go-to places for re-stocking our summer fun stashes.

Patio Umbrellas

They always have a ton of great items on hand, and their shelves are always fully stocked. So when you need to buy five identical pink mermaid sand toys (because apparently not all sand toys are created equal) they have your back.

Old Time Pottery covers all our summer fun needs. From portable chairs to plush towels to toys and everything in between – we love that we can walk in knowing we will be able to find everything we need to get us ready for summer.
Yard Gards
This year was no exception. Usually, it is the kids who I have to limit from going crazy, but this year I was having a hard time showing restraint. There were just so many fun things on every shelf you looked. We make our way to the beach in a few weeks with our extended family, and we love playing games on the beach. I was so excited to stock up on a few fun new ones!
The kids found plenty of fun, unique new toys of their own too. And most were under $5! You can’t beat that!
But their favorite had to be the selection of pool floats they have on hand. Every kind of pool float you can image! The kids thought this pizza one was hilarious. Most floats are under $20 – even for the large “Instagram-worthy” ones.
Stocking up on the essentials is easy too. I grabbed a stash of new goggles because this seems to be the number one thing we tend to lose or break each summer. It’s also nice to have a few extra pair on hand in case any of our pool guests need a pair too.
The minute the girls spotted these mini collapsible chairs they wanted one. As certified soccer siblings, they spend a ton of time on the sidelines cheering on their brother. They were so excited to see a “soccer chair” just their size, I couldn’t say no. Especially for only $6.99! I grabbed a few for our crew and then grabbed one to wrap up as a part of a gift for a summer birthday party we have coming up.
Beach shovels, sand toys, pool floats, splash balls, water guns, beach chairs, towels…you get the idea! We left Old Time Pottery totally stocked and ready!
The kids can’t wait to play with all their new stuff, and the excitement that we all have for the summer ahead is almost bursting out of us.
We are so excited that we just can’t keep it all to ourselves.
Happy Summer everyone!

Thank you to Old Time Pottery for sponsoring this post. All thoughts, opinions and summer fun are our own. 

Written by Victoria Myers

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