Nothing gives a warm welcome like a friendly door mat. Over time our faithful little doormats can break down and wear out. When it is time to spruce up your doormat head on over to Old Time Pottery to get what you need to make your doorway bright and beautiful!


Here’s a fun idea to spruce up even the most plain of doormats! It includes using weather appropriate spray paint to make your doormat as unique as your home is.

To get started, I headed on down to my favorite Old Time Pottery store to check out their selection of doormats. One thing you can always count on at Old Time Pottery is their fabulous selection of doormats. Whenever you personalize something, you want to keep it fairly simple. Look for a basic coir or rubber doormat to give you a durable, but blank slate to work with.

Then, I mapped out what pattern and color scheme I wanted to apply. I chose a bright blue and yellow color scheme to bring some color to my basic doorway.

Be creative and put your own personal touch on your doormat!


I found these fabulous paper doilies in the party section and decided they would make a great stencil. Get creative. There are all sorts of things that can be used to make stencils.

Since it was a slightly breezy day, I made sure to tape down my stencil and then I got to spraying!


The result was a fun and geometric front door mat that will last for years to come! I just love finding easy ways to spruce up basic household items and make them truly my own!

Valerie Morris is a true DIY maven at heart. Before there was Pinterest, she had (and still has) a binder full of magazine clippings and ideas of things she wants to make or ideas for decorating her home. She always has a project in mind and in process. You can almost see the gears spinning in her head when she has a new project idea. Valerie loves finding a great deal and repurposing decor around her home in new ways. Old Time Pottery is one of her favorite shopping locations and she proudly contributes to our Pinterest boards, our blog, and many other creative ventures wherever she can!
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