T-shirt quilts are a great way to preserve those memory-filled tees without having them take up an entire drawer in your closet. Plus who doesn’t love the feel of a comfy old t-shirt? So why not sleep with it! This do-it-yourself gift idea is ideal for anyone who has (or has a significant other who has) a collection of tees that they don’t know what to do with, or just want to create a unique, personalized gift. There are companies company like Project Repat that can do the work for you, or you can follow the steps below to create your very own t-shirt quilt that represents the things that mean so much!


Image Credit: Project Repat

Materials Needed: t-shirts, scissors, sewing machine, thread, fusible interfacing, iron, pins

Step 1: Gather your tees based on the size of quilt you’d like (see below), and iron each t-shirt.

  • Lap: 16 tees (4×4)
  • Twin: 24 tees (4×6)
  • Full: 30 tees (5×6)
  • Queen: 49 tees (7×7)
  • King: 64 tees (8×8)

Step 2: Grab some cardboard and cut a 12×12 inch square (this will act as your template). Place the cardboard square over each tee’s logo or design and cut around it. You can also use a marker to draw around the cardboard on the tee, then remove the cardboard and cut inside of the marker lines.

Step 3: Take some non-woven fusible interfacing or lightweight, fusible tricot interfacing and iron a sheet to the back of each t-shirt panel to stabilize it and prevent stretching or sagging.

Step 4: Lay out the t-shirts in the pattern that you want them in, and start pinning them together – two at a time. With each two that you pin together, sew them as you go with your sewing machine. An easy way to sew two panels together is to lay the t-shirt panels on top of one another, with the sides that you eventually want showing facing each other for now (so you should only see the fusible interfacing of each tee when they are on top of each other). Sew one edge of the tees together with only a quarter of an inch remaining after your seam, then open up the two tees and iron the small flap that remains from where you sewed. Continue this step until you have sewn every edge together and finished the top layer of your quilt.

Step 5: Grab your fleece and cut it to the appropriate size of the quilt you are making (sizes listed in step 1). Take your t-shirts and lay them on top of the fleece. Start sewing around the outer edges of the fleece until your top layer is fully attached and secured to your fleece layer.

Step 6: Iron your entire quilt once more, and enjoy your brand new t-shirt quilt!

t-shirt quilt

Image Credit: Etsy

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