Spring is in the air! If you’re looking to bring some of the green outdoors inside, succulents may be your best friend.

Succulents are very on trend right now, and for a good reason! They are very easy to maintain (they love the light and do not require a lot of water). They will grow and look great in just about any type of container, indoors and out. And, if you’re the worst green thumb ever, you can barely tell the difference between real and fake succulents!


Today I’m going to share an unique succulent holder to encourage you to think outside the “box.” And the best part? It works great with faux succulents so you can set them on a shelf and not worry about trying to remember to water them or keep them in front of a window.

As I stated before, succulents are pretty popular right now. Because of this, they make great gifts! Think a teacher’s gift or Mother’s Day.


For this project you will need:
A deep set picture frame (Old Time Pottery – $3.74)
A package of crushed white seashells (Old Time Pottery – $2.99)
A variety of faux succulents


This particular picture frame has plastic instead of glass. If your frame has glass you can simply cover it with a piece of felt to prevent it from being scratched if you ever decide use it as a frame. The most important thing about this particular frame is that it is deep set, almost creating a bowl when laid flat.

Fill the frame ~3/4 of the way full with the crushed seashells.

Trim the faux succulents with wire cutters and/or old scissors leaving ~1″ of the stem.

Arrange the succulents into the frame, digging the stems down into the shells to secure them in place. Add more shells as necessary to fill the frame.


The frame is super easy to personalize for a gift. Above, I simply added gold washi tape and used a Sharpie to write “MOM.” You can easily make your own labels and add any name or message or quote.


This would be a great addition to any home decor. And you could easily substitute the succulents for another flower such as faux hydrangeas or ranuculus. So do not hesitate to bring the outdoors in with a few faux flowers. And keep an eye out for anything that could pass as a container for your plants!

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