Simple Winter Vignette
Are you walking in a winter wonderland in your area yet? We’ve had a pretty mild winter thus far so I’m bringing winter indoors with some wintery home decor in the form of a Winter Vignette. My favorite part? I can keep it out after Christmas! It’s perfect all winter long.

And did I mention how simple it is to put together? I’ll show you step-by-step how to pull off this little vignette in no time flat.

Simple Winter Vignette
Supplies (all available at Old Time Pottery):
White garland
Small lantern
Various winter floral picks
Small white poinsettias

Not shown:
Hot Glue Gun

Simple Winter Vignette
Let’s start with the lantern. I chose this one for the small size and the washed out wood. I thought it looked perfect for a winter setting.

Open the top of the lantern and flip up the tabs holding the glass. Remove all of the glass. This will allow us to expand the scene in the lantern out.

Simple Winter Vignette
Use a hot glue gun to adhere a small amount of batting to the inside base of the lantern. Stretch it so that lays slightly outside of the open-sided lantern.

Select various small florals from the picks to place inside the lantern. Here I used the bird pick, minus the bird, as well as a small poinsettia and it’s berries, a pine twig, and an icicle branch.

Hot glue items in place inside the lantern.

Use more pieces of the picks to decorate the top of the lantern. Hot glue in place. Place a ribbon around the top to hide the edges of the picks and tie into a bow.

Simple Winter Vignette
This white garland is actually ten feet long, but it is thin and can be easily left folded.

Bend a small hole in the center of the folded garland where the lantern can sit. Fluff the stems to cover all wires. Stuff batting between the branches to give a more snowy look and help hide any wires that the branches can’t cover.

Simple Winter Vignette
Now it’s just a matter of filling the garland! I made this animated GIF to show you just how easy that is.

Place the lantern in the center of the garland. Take winter picks and symmetrical layer them on each side of the lantern. I used a layer of 3: the icicle branches first since they are the largest, followed by some light green leaves just in front of the branches, then some green berries in the front.

Finally, place the little red bird from one of the picks in the “snow” on the garland.

Place your new winter vignette on your favorite shelf, side table, or even make it the centerpiece on your dining room table.

Written by The Scrap Shoppe
Michele is the creator behind The Scrap Shoppe, a craft and DIY blog. She is a wife and mommy to 2 fun little boys. She gave up a job in science to pursue her dream of spending more time with her boys and becoming a full time blogger. The Scrap Shoppe focuses on creating fun, creative, and unique craft and DIY projects for the home that anyone can recreate.


  1. Meegan December 15, 2015 at 7:14 AM Reply

    What a beautiful way to decorate for the Holidays. I love how white accents the lantern. Perfection.

  2. Leanne December 17, 2015 at 6:37 PM Reply

    Such a beautiful decoration and there’s so many possibilities.

  3. Erin Spain @ DIY on the Cheap December 18, 2015 at 8:06 PM Reply

    So pretty!

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